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Get to know us

We focus on the journey of delivering wellbeing and safety.

We believe...

That everyone should be able to afford their own home in harmony with nature. 


By utilising locally sourced building materials that are non toxic and environmentally kind, inspired by nature. 

We want to make
a change


Today's home building construction methods are not keeping up with the demand of the housing industry, facing supply issues of building materials and is unresponsive to the requirement for speed.  

Therefore, the gap between increasing population and need for housing is growing steadily.

This combined is leading to increased cost in home building to such an extent that the average person is no longer able to afford a home in their lifetime.

On top of that the construction industry is to be estimated to create a third of the worlds overall waste and 40% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions.

This is a topic we are very passionate about
and have dedicated years of research utilising architectural science to improve the traditional construction methods.

We are proud to have developed a unique product
at the same time providing an answer
to the escalating pricing of homes. 


Why dome homes?

Domes are one of the most resilient architectural structures known to this time. Offering superior interior space by using the least amount of materials. These factors play a vital part in material efficiency and cost.  They meet or exceed FEMA’s standards for providing near-absolute protection and have survived wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

After meticulous trial and error phases, we finally hit the ground running. We have developed special designed eco-friendly, lightweight Freedome blocks that clip together just like the Lego bricks. The inter connectivity of all creates strength and durability which makes your Freedome most resilient.

Our innovative homes are engineered to be built to last a lifetime, in high speeds and at scale.

Freedomes offer freedom 

Contact us to find out more about our Freedome designs
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