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Choose your Freedome

Enjoy your freedom

Now, it is up to you to enjoy this unique living concept and increase the quality of your life
when living in one or our grandiose Freedome homes.

To make it as simple as possible, we have 6 basic structures to choose from which can be joined and added at any given time to your liking. Making the most of your
dream Freedome through enormous choices of configuration possibilities. 

The innovative but simple construction concept of Freedome consist of
a total of 6 basic Freedome modules:
3x domes and 3x joiners, each individual in size.


The Freedome modules can easily be joined and added at any given time to your liking, to create your dream Freedome home. The creative possibilities are endless.

It also allows for the opportunity to start off small, being more budget orientated,
but can extend whenever you need it.

Each module is made up of interconnecting lightweight Freedome blocks to create your dream house that can be built in months, not years.  These Freedome blocks are engineered to withstand
wind, rain, heat, cold and noise.

1 Bed
80 sqm
2 Bed
184 sqm
3 Bed
Family Starter
237 sqm

Protect your loved ones with our engineered home designs: Built for all types of weather

Our team is committed to ensure your home is safe and secure, no matter what the weather brings. We've created homes that can stand up to cyclonic winds. With this plan in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is built to protect you and your family.



We are all about innovative design, great functionality and good material choices. Our Freedome blocks have each pre-designed openings for plumbing and electrical which makes it very easy for installation and adaption.


Be reassured our team delivers the highest standard of quality, every time.

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