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The world needs game changer right now!

Innovation so good to lead new ways humanity can thrive in.

 Inspired by nature, driven by science.

Freedome For Me's unique approach is taking construction of dome homes to the next level.

Freedomes are the first dome houses which constructs spacious domes,
starting from 71 m2 in harmony with mother nature, to a fraction of the price

of conventional houses - fast and at scale.

Nature's blueprints inspired advanced home building construction

Dome shapes are inspired by natural eco-sytems. One of many stems from the ovenbird. Using a unique, protective building technique, by shaping mud pellets into a dome form.  The little bird successfully survived many attacks in his secure shelter while keeping little insects away, thanks to the smooth and round shaped structure. 


Using the fundamentals of nature 

Domes meet or exceed FEMA's standards for providing near-absolute protection and are known to have survived natural disasters.

Our sustainable Freedome blocks consist of a mix of assorted minerals,  air-crete and other top-secret, but natural ingredients. The combination is responsible for a construction in harmony with the environment, free of toxins and ultimately offers resilience.

Offering primarly Freedomes in Australia to then extend internationally

What makes Freedome For Me so special?

Empowering an unbeatable price for your FREEDOM

to own your immensely spacious Freedome dream home

while being environmentally kind, with super fast turn around times.

Inspired by Leggo - Architectual Science meets the inner child

Remember when you were playing with Leggo? What fun we all had. Putting one brick on top of the next one. Surprisingly the wall built, was very strong. 


Using this vivid memory from the past, plus  the inspiration of nature creating strength and beauty through patterns, rather than forcing materials to co-exist through glues, bolts and nails.



The result: Freedome homes using specially designed building blocks that clip together.


Our solution

Freedome For Me is passionate about this topic and has dedicated years of research with the help of architectural science to improve the traditional construction methods of dome homes.


Why dome homes?
Dome homes have the strongest architectural structure known to mankind, utilising the least amount of construction materials to cover the biggest amount of space. They can defy extreme weather events and greatly reduce the impact of natural disasters

Dome homes are mostly built with eco-friendly construction materials to minimise  


using specially engineered Freedome blocks allow for strong, grand living spaces to a fraction of the price of conventional housing

Our Freedome homes are engineered to be built to last, in fast turn around time and at scale. 

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